PfSense 2.1 on Watchguard Firebox doesn't shutdown

  • Hi all,

    I managed installing pfSense on two Firebox x550e and it works like expected - perfect!
    The only problem is, that the fireboxes doesn't shutdown - just reboot.

    I try to shut them down via the Admin Panel - System Halt, serial console and ssh.
    On the console i used shutdown -h now…just ended in an reboot.
    I enabled / disabled ACPI, USB, etc. in the bios - nothing changed, still reboots on shutdown request.

    Someone has a hint for me - is there a trick or is the only option to you the powerbutton at the rear?

    Best regards

  • Netgate Administrator

    It can't be shutdown from software. It doesn't have an ACPI power button, the switch at the back is a real physical switch in the power line. I don't think it has the required connections from board to the PSU but even if it did and you succeeded in making it shutdown to standby there would be no way of turning it back on.  ;)
    It's possible to make it halt without rebooting but there's not much purpose to doing that, it is still powered up.