Failover Issue

  • Ive run into a strange (to me atleast) CARP failover issue.

    heres the scenario:

    2 machines, nearly identicle hardware, (only major difference is one is a XEON and the other a Pentium D)

    VIP for WAN, VIP for LAN VIP for DMZ

    Everything is configured properly as far as I can tell, but here is what doesnt work.

    Failover from the master to the slave triggered by rebooting the master, interrupts all the connections/downloads that are currently running, however, simply disabling CARP on the master, causes a seemless failover to the slave, and all downloads/connections keep running. Also, if i start a download with just the slave up, it will failover to the master when the master comes online.

    Any ideas why CARP isnt working correctly when the master goes down or is rebooted?


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