Nat reflection issues (timeout) in both 1.2-RC2 and 1.2-RC3

  • Hi all, i just installed in production environment 1.2-RC2 version (built on Fri Aug 17 17:46:06 EDT 2007)..
    i have 4 network interfaces: LAN, WAN, DMZ (opt1) and WAN2 (opt2)..

    i setup all port-foward, nat and rules correctly, from an external connection i can reach all of my services in DMZ..

    but i have some strange problems, if i try a LAN->WAN or LAN->WAN2(opt2) connection, such as SSH, RDP,  it fails after few seconds with timeout, but if i try LAN->DMZ connection it works without issues.

    I read many post about issues concerning Nat and reflections, port forward and so on.. one solution seems to upgrade to 1.2-RC3.. (where i can download it?) is this release quite stable? i have to put it on production… does it solve my nat-reflection problems? are there any solutions to get my firewall working?

    thanks in advance


  • Hi.. i just updated my pfsense installation to 1.2-rc3 (built on Wed Nov 7 19:10:57 EST 2007)..
    but the issue isn't resolved…

    for example, if i try to telnet from a LAN workstation :

    telnet my.public.address 25

    after a while it hangs up with "Connection closed by foreign host."...
    this happens even with ssh, rdp, pop3.. any kind of connection..

    but if i try with:

    telnet my.dmz.address 25

    it works.

    what can i do?

  • I'm here again.. ;)

    i do a little "debug" session to understand how reflection works..
    there is a inet.conf (located in /var/etc/) that spawn a simple "nc" between source and target ip…
    well, i think that the script who creates this file is buggy\broken, because it writes somethink like:
    "19056  stream  tcp    nowait/0        nobody  /usr/bin/nc nc -w 20 22"
    i read the manpage of nc, and i found that "-w 20" is the "timeout for connects and final net reads"...
    so i made a simple test:

    $ date ; ssh my.public.address ; date
    Thu Nov  8 15:09:43 CET 2007

    ----<ssh stuff="">----
    Connection to my.public.address closed.

    Thu Nov  8 15:10:03 CET 2007

    ..well, it's just 20 seconds...

    maybe is this the way to solve this issue?</ssh>

  • ..i hope is the last one…

    i try to check /etc/inc/ file, on line  1172 i found the right
                $reflectiontimeout = "2000";
    but on line 1231, the value come back to:
                $reflectiontimeout = "20";

    is it correct?

    the first affects to "tcp\udp" connection, the second is for "tcp" or "udp" only, so for these last ones the timeout is 20secs and not 2000secs as default.


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