Blinkled stops working since upgrading to 2.1

  • I have an alix board running nanobsd 2G on my trusty Netgate kit. I've had blinkled on it since day 1 and it's been working fine for more than a year or so. As soon as I upgraded pf to 2.1, I noticed the the LED's would stop blinking after about a week. A reboot fixes it, but they will stop working again. I have reinstalled the gui components. No change. I haven't done a remove/reinstall yet. Guess that will be next.

    Anyone else had any problems?

  • I've got a similar issue on an ALIX board.  After the upgrade, after about a week or so the 3rd LED which i have assigned to LAN - just blinks non-stop.

    A reboot fixes it.  But so does just turning off the blinkled package and saving, then turning it back on and re-assigning the LED's and saving.

    Not sure what's causing it.



  • I too have tried the same fixes and the problem returns within a week.

  • Anyone "know" the author?
    I can't get it to even install properly on a fresh 2.1 install on my ALIX2d13…
    I get it installed, but doesn't show in web gui, works from command line only :(

  • Hi,

    Has anyone found a fix for the problem?.  I have pfsense 2.1.5-Release with Blinkled 0.4.3.  It installed without problems and run for a few days before the Led 2 or 3 will stopped working or blink continuously for no reason.

    I need to reboot the unit or go to the Blinkled interface page and click "Save" to get it working again.  This will fail again in a few days time.

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