PPPoe and 1:1 nat or other way to de-encapsulate?

  • Hi,
    We have bandwidthd set up for accounting, and want to change our clients from static IPs to PPPoE to improve security.
    However, if we do this bandwidthd doesn't see the PPP traffic.
    One solution we've thought of is to have a WRAP box running as a pfsense PPPoE server, and then doing 1:1 Nat to a different private IP subnet, which bandwidthd could then see, and then the traffic would then hit our main pfsense box.
    Is this possible? We've been trying for a couple of days but can't get it to work (In fact we haven't been able to get standard 1:1 Nat to work, so think there is something we're missing. Have tried adding VIPs to the WAN interface of the WRAP but nothing doing…)

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