Traffic shaping severely limiting bandwidth

  • I'm pretty new to traffic shaping although I have been using PFSense for years.  I had traffic shaping working fine with a Cox 15mbps/2mbps package.  I had 3 sets of rules set up.  All traffic from IP 1 would go into a priority 1 queue, traffic from IP 2 would go into a priority 5 queue, and all other traffic would go into a priority 4 queue.  I had left most of the settings for the queues and rules at what the wizard normally sets (I really just used the wizard rules but changed names, queues, and priority.)  This was working great, IP 1 was using a lot of bandwidth but would immediately get robbed of it when anything else wanted bandwidth.  My speed tests didn't really change before and after the traffic shaping either.

    Now the problem is I just upgraded to a 30mbps/5mbps FiOS connection.  I'm able to get at least 28/4 on the Verizon test site and over 20/3 on others.  But if I turn on traffic shaping it goes to about 6/2 on any site.  Originally I had just changed the parent queues' bandwidth.  Then I removed the wizard, disabled traffic shaping and restarted the machine and started it all over with the wizard setting the new bandwidth numbers.  But I still had the same problem.

    Is there something I need to change in the traffic shaping, or perhaps somewhere else in PFSense to take advantage of the high speed connection?

  • I just watched the queues while running some tests as well as eating up bandwidth on the low priority IP.  Nothing really seems out of the ordinary except that the queue for priority 4 (anything other than IP 1 or 2) had hundreds of drops within a few minutes while running speed tests.

  • Be sure you are converting the speed of your line to kilobits, and not kilobytes.  Sometimes a common mistake I make myself, doesn't hurt to double check.

    30 megabits = 30720 kilobits (3840 kilobytes)
    5 megabits = 5120 kilobits (640 kilobytes)

    if you have used any bandwidth notation in any of your queues, make sure you use kilobits (Kb) as well.

  • I did make sure to use the right numbers.  The only bandwidth numbers I changed were at the beginning of the shaper and the parent queues.  I had 29000/4500 then changed it to megabits (29/4.5) with no luck.

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