Outside to Inside dynamic redirection - reverse proxy?

  • Greetings all,

    I am trying to get something like reverse proxy setup on my pfSense 2.1 box and need some assistance.  We have a bunch of wordpress servers behind our firewall using a single external IP Address.  The servers behind the firewall have their own DNS names (as in: the internal DNS server can resolve each of the wordpress sites via internal IP address).  I just want pfSense to forward inbound port:80 requests to the appropriate internal server based on the corresponding DNS hostname.  For example:

    URL http://www-test1.com:80 –>  <wan-ip><--> www-test1.com (Internal IP
    URL http://www-test2.com:80 -->  <wan-ip><--> www-test2.com (Internal IP
    URL http://www-test3.com:80 -->  <wan-ip><--> www-test3.com (Internal IP

    I believe this is simply known as transparent reverse proxy, and I have spent days getting nginx setup as the reverse proxy.  However, while the initial web page works, some of the CSS elements are not pushed to the back end server.  Thus, I was hoping there is something very simple on the pfSense firewall to just perform outside-to-inside NAT based upon an internal DNS server.

    I don't need any sort of caching, I just need the external requests to map into the internal DNS hostname.

    Any help?</wan-ip></wan-ip></wan-ip>

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Look on the packages listing. Squid3 can do reverse proxy, there is modsecurity package for reverse proxy.  I believe HAProxy can do it as well.  Varnish maybe, etc.

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