• Hi all, I am completely new to pfSense and I have some questions. Basically I want to use this with my home network so my first question is regarding content filtering. Does pfSense offer some form of content filtering and can I get a general overview of what its content filter is capable of. Secondly, Does pfSense have the ability to assign the same IP address to a specific MAC address, address reservation,? Can I apply content filter rules to specific IP or MAC addresses?

    Thanks for any guidance.

  • A general yes, this is doable..
    You will probably spend some time setting this up. So if you are easily frustrated… brace yourself :-)

    But after setup -  you will have a robust system.
    Both stabil and very secure.. Not exposing any ports etc to they outside world :-)

    I'm using Alix 2D13 with pfSense 2.1 myself.

    I'm digging abit for you here..

    You can block web sites.
    Se here; http://forum.pfsense.org/index.php?topic=43837.0

    DHCP with assigned MAC locking IPs is possible.
    Address reservation - or better, use a DHCP with IP-pool. (i.e. - Then use the other IPs for permanent IP-MAC reservation.

    Content filtering are some tips here;

    Hope this helps :-)