Hang on boot if no link

  • Hi Folks - is it a known problem that pfSense will hang on boot when it tries to configure an interface without a link?

    I could have sworn I've done this before without any problems, but here I have a box with some Realtek interfaces and if I have <enable>on them and there's no link, the boot won't progress.  If I bring them up with a link, it's fine and they work well.

    Expected behavior would be deferred handling of the interface, or maybe a 40 second timeout for worst-case STP settling.

    This is using the latest embedded image.  I didn't find a bug in Trac on this, but I'm not sure if it's even a system problem, a driver problem, etc.</enable>

  • That's most likely a driver issue of some sort. Does a stock FreeBSD 6.2 boot up successfully?

    I've booted up numerous times without any link, never had any problems. It takes much longer since it'll wait for DHCP, NTP, etc. to time out but it won't fail to boot.

  • Thanks for the sanity-check, Chris.  I just installed this box this morning into production, but I'll order some parts and build another and test stock FreeBSD on it.

    Assuming FreeBSD has similar problems and I'm in for a bit of driver debugging to get this working ideally, if anybody has debugged this problem in any other drivers, I'm all ears.  I'm guessing FreeBSD has a printk… ;)

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