A few questions about Dual WAN with same IP-subnet

  • Hi. Currently using Gentoo with IPtables, vconfig, dhcpd and iproute2. Works okay, but a bit hassle to administrate.

    We have two WAN Connections that the ISP have terminated (not sure if this is the correct term) together with VLANs. The second WAN connection is just a backup that we switch to if our main WAN connection is down for some reason. Our connection have multiple public IPs available.

    What i want to do is to have our server auto-switch to the backup-line if the main connection is down (or slow if possible). I also have a DHCP server on my current firewall that delivers DHCP to VLANs that is connected via the WAN connections. To make it even more complicated i want to have high-availability.

    To sum it up i want Dual WAN on two clustered pfSense boxes that has a dhcp server on VLAN level.

    Is this possible? I'm guessing i need 4 ethernet-cards on each router. 2 for WAN, 1 for heartbeat between pfsense-boxes and 1 for LAN.
    It would just rock if this was possible  8)


    To clear things up:

    The two wans is the same as if i plugged a switch after the modem and was going to use two WAN connections from that switch.

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