Tracking FreeBSD with git (possibly not that on topic)

  • Having built pfSense 2.1 snapshots from scratch when I had the need I know that the current build "systems works for us" ™ but has some, let's say "rough edges".
    Especially clean and consistent builds like -RELEASE from ESF is quite difficult since those ports we don't modify and thus keep in pfsense-tools are quite of a moving target.

    Also the patch collection against FreeBSD for every release  not that easy to keep up with and port between FreeBSD point releases.
    I remember when I took some time to go through the patches and compare against upstream, sync or just do general cleanup.

    Alfred Perlstein from iXsystems made a blogpost and a document on how they track FreeBSD and keep their modifications in sync with git.
    (what ends up in releases of PC-BSD or FreeNAS and others):

    I'm not saying that such the build system can or should changed this way, but It looks interesting to see how they do things and apparently
    are quite happy with.

    I've recently been a bit off the development of pfSense, but hope to come back and be it just for bumping/merging pfPorts ;-)
    In general FreeBSD 10 seem to become really awesome release, at least -BETA3 and -BETA4 seem to be very promising.

  • I do not think it really matters in pfSense builder case where you adopt git with FreeBSD or not.
    Our patches apply to FreeBSD repo be it SVN/GIT/whatever.

    Nowdays you can clone the freebsd git repo from github for the builder.
    I do not see anything here related to git+freebsd.

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