• I'm working on some job specific custom features to add to pfSense… I know that PHP is available. Any other languages available on pfSense (I used the LiveCD install option) that I can use, by default?

    After a quick search, I do not see:

    • PERL

    • Python

    Is PHP my only best option?

  • Perl is on there by default, so you can definitely use it. I don't think anything in pfSense currently is actually WRITTEN in it, but it comes with the distribution.

  • I do not see perl in any of the usual locations, and the few search commands I've tried are either producing no results or aren't installed by default…

  • Perl isn't there by default, though a number of packages install it as a dependency which is probably why others thought it was there. PHP is the only interpretive language installed by default.

    You can pkg_add whatever you want. https://doc.pfsense.org/index.php/Installing_FreeBSD_Packages

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    It isn't used for anything post-install, but there is also a Lua interpreter included ( /usr/local/bin/lua50 ) and of course you can run shell scripts or install your own packages as cmb described.

    PHP is the best choice for most things, as that's what most of the other code uses.