Marvell FreeBSD Driver Integration 1.2-RC3

  • I have a D-Link DGE-560T NIC that I'm trying to get working on a new pfsense box running 1.2-RC3 .

    As per this post:
    I have downloaded the Marvell drivers for the DLink.
    (note the user comments on New Egg for why Marvell drivers are better than DLinks :

    First problem I had was that libmbpool.ko was missing and required by the driver.
    A kind soul on the pfsense forums gave me a copy for 1.2-RC3 which I put in /boot/kernel/

    next, executing the command kldload if_myk.ko (the driver) completes successfully but the NIC does not come up.

    Since I am new to FreeBSD (but not to *nix) can somebody please give me advice how to troubleshoot this?

    I checked dmsg and saw a Network Controller without a driver assigned to it on PCI7. I can assume this is my DLink since all the other NIC's are loaded fine.

    Any help greatly appreciated.

  • Need libmbpool.ko file. Can you pls help to download it.