• I have the first subnet with my internet connected.

    I have a PC with pfsence with wan and lan interface.

    I have a second subnet

    Is possible with pfsence to give internet to my subnet

    If yes, the interface wan is better to my subnet or if the choice is not important?

    I have a lot of configuration for do what I want?

  • You need a place to plug in the hardware of the second subnet - a 3rd NIC on the pfSense or use VLANs and a VLAN-capable switch. Once you have the 3rd device (NIC ir VLAN) then Interfaces->Assign - assign it to OPT1. Then Interfaces->OPT1 and set it up how you like - is fine. Add rules on OPT1 to pass whatever traffic you want to allow out of OPT1. By default pfSense will NAT out from both LAN and OPT1 to WAN - so you will get internet as soon as you add pass rule/s to OPT1.

    The 1st subnet is fine on LAN - but if you are planning big expansion of your private network, VPN etc., then best to change that LAN subnet to something else, just because loads of people, cafes etc. are already using that subnet and it creates routing hassles if you VPN  in from an outside cafe that is and your own internal LAN is the same.

  • If your on a cable modem and it is a bridge you might want to avoid using as a subnet if you still want to be able to access your modems gui.

    most bridge modems answer to