Adding a VoIP device to a DMZ

  • Hi,

    Sorry if this has been asked a million times, but I couldn't really find a clear how-to for setting up a DMZ..

    I have this VoIP device that is REALLY picky to anything firewall related (NAT, snort, squid, etc) and constantly has issues registering on the services provider's network.

    My pfsense box has only 2 NIC's , no possibility to add more… LAN is immediately going to a cheap Dlink 8 port unmanaged switch then each LAN device has its own IP and connected to the switch.

    I'd like to keep the VoIP device in its physical location, but have it somehow segregated from the rest of the LAN with its own subnet.  The VOIP should get an IP from pfsense because otherwise that would require me to have 2 public IP's which is not currently possible.  That way, the VoIP device would think its connected directly after the Cable model, directly on the internet...

    The other solution would be to put the VoIP device before the pfsense box and put it in "bridge" mode, but it doesnt work with Cable internet...

    Is it possible?

    :) Thanks!

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