Installing PFSense on SuperMicro CPU

  • Hey everybody, I bought a slightly used SuperMicro 1U PC to run PFSense at my home.  It's been installed for about 1 year and running PFSense in a corporate environment, but the company went out of business so now this is mine!

    At any rate, PFSense is installed on it now and I have NO IDEA about the configuration.  I am wondering if someone can point me to a step by step tutorial on how to reset and upgrade PFSense, so that I can then configure it to manage my fairly advanced network at home.

    Thanks in advance!  I'm on my way in to the office to mess with it…should be there in about an hour.


  • Netgate Administrator

    Personally I would reinstall to be sure I know what I'm dealing with, you have no idea what mods may have been made.
    However if you're confident it's a good system, do you have access to the webgui? You have the passwords etc?
    You can reset the box via Diagnostics: Factory Defaults: or the previous admin can do that for you if they don't want to hand over passwords etc.


  • as stated above, but first do some reading on pfsense installation, u could also start from scratch with a live cd/usb install but do some reading first if youve never had any pfsense experience

  • I should have posted back.  The company that I bought it from had wiped the slate clean, and I got it setup this morning.

    I setup the WAN and LAN ports, and when I get home I'll hook it up and pull up the Web GUI.  It was a fresh install of 2.0.1, which I understand isn't the latest version.  When I connect to it this afternoon using the web gui, I'll see if I can figure out how to update it to 2.1 and I'll start from there.

    This box only has two NIC's, so I'm guessing I'll need to connect my WAP to my Dell network switch that everything is connected to?  I'm going to use a Linksys WRVS4400N as my WAP until next week when my Unifi arrives from Amazon.

    I found this tutorial here ( on how to integrate it, but that may be over my head…I'm not much of a command line guy.

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    Upgrading to 2.1 is easy to do, there's a link on the dashboard that informs you an update is available.

    You will have to attach your WAP directly if you have only two NICs. You can probably add another NIC easily enough or you can use VLANs to add interfaces if your switch supports it.

    Unless you have to I wouldn't try adding unify to pfSense. There have been many reports of problems and not many (any?) of it working perfectly. Mostly it seems to run incredibly slowly for some reason. If you only have one access point there not much point anyway.


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