Pfsense meltdown

  • I installed a virtual pfsense on ESXi 4.1 on monday at a school. I have 3 VLAN's, and DHCP server activated on all of them. Other than adding allow rules for accessing internet, and a NAT rule to allow remote control by RDP, all is default. Everything worked fine for a day. On tuesday I lost the remote control. The firewall just would not let the traffic through, uh-uh.

    Today I lost the DHCP server on all networks. It looks fine, enabled and all, but it doesn't hand out IP's. Except once every ten tries, when it gives out an IP from the physical LAN (!!!!) no matter what VLAN I connect to.

    What the **** is happening?

  • Netgate Administrator

    Check the system logs.
    These failures happened without any changes from yourself?

    Where are you handling the vlan traffic, in EXSi or directly in pfSense?


  • what do the logs say ?
    are the vlans configured correctly ? dhcp leases from a different vlan sounds like a problem in the switch config

    also consider upgrading the esxi to 5.5 … it has improved support for freebsd 8.3 (see attached screenshot)

  • Thanks for your quick replies guys!

    I actually found the problem. I couldn't see it at first, not until I logged in to one of the VM's and got the "shutdown alert log" or whatever it's called. In Windows when you boot up after dirty shutdown. This told me I've had a power failure, and looking a bit further I saw that the vlan settings on the vswitch in vmware was pretty much fu*ked up. I set it right and did a controlled reboot, and shalom.

    I'd say you were correct heper :)

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