Traffic shaping limiter killing internet connection

  • Ok,
    I upgraded from 2.0 to 2.1 and I'm having trouble setting up a limiter on my WAN connection.    I have copied the configuration over the 2.1 and things are not working as previously.

    A bit of background.  I am using a DOCCIS 3 cable mode to access the Internet.  I have noticed if I saturate the outgoing connection (4.5mb/s) I start getting horrible packet losses.  (And download speeds would tank from 120mb/s to 8mb/s during high send traffic.)  After discussing with my ISP they said this was normal and expected.  (!)

    To fix this issue I set an outgoing speed limiter to 4.1mb/s.  This resulted in no packet loss and very fast download (120mb/s) and upload speeds (4.1mb/s)

    I upgraded to 2.1 and decided to start from scratch reconfiguring everything.

    So I have setup a Limiter called LANSendLimit with the following:
    See attachment:  limiter.jpg

    I then setup a rule as follows:
    See attachment fwrule.jpg

    The moment I make this rule active Internet access immediately stops.  No traffic gets through.  Oddly DNS requests to the pfsense box also drop.

    This is exactly how I setup upload limits on 2.0 yet 2.1 results in dead Internet!  Help!  I'm really frustrated right now.

    Thanks in advance

  • I have a setup with limiters both in and out. I think I once tried to remove one of them and traffic stopped. That sounds like your situation.

    If I am correct then just create a 120Mbit limier and add it as the other limiter, that you expected not to use.

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