RDP hangs with pfSense

  • I've seen a few of these posts floating around Google, but nothing with a definite fix.

    I'm having a strange issue.  My setup looks like this:

    Internet <> Comcast modem <> netgear router <> pfsense

    pfSense is running as a VM on VMware Workstation 9 on a Windows Server 2008 R2 box with a bridged network adapter.  The 2008 R2 box has 2 user accounts (1 for pfsense and the other for everything else).  I had to set it up this way because when I try to RDP into whatever account is running pfsense,  RDP hangs, then disconnects, and all network connectivity behind is lost for about a minute.  If I go into an account that's not running pfSense, all is good.

    There doesn't seem to be anything useful in the pfSense logs, but Window's event viewer shows this whenever this happens:
    The Terminal Server security layer detected an error in the protocol stream and has disconnected the client. Client IP: x.x.x.x

    Any help is appreciate and if any more information is needed I will provide.

    EDIT: forgot to mention that from the LAN everything works as expected.

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