Remote setup pfsense=>proxmox

  • I've been running pfsense since 1.3 in a home office environment. The following however is entirely different. I do have KVM for each (for the moment)

    I have two boxes in colocation at the datacenter. One running pfsense and another running proxmox.

    Two nics each box, one connected between each machine and one each with it's own public IP's assigned.

    Each public IP is /30 with the same netmask, different gateways.

    I am having difficulty getting the second or LAN nic 'up' on the pfsense box. Since I cannot access the GUI publicly , I installed an OS on proxmox. (which I cannot get everything configured far enough to even get a connection.

    *I would like all public traffic running through the pfsense machine to proxmox.

    This is obviously a broad question - * proper way to accomplish this.

    I set the WAN to the pfsense box's public IP - and instead of the standard /24 I typed '30'
    Set the LAN to - which is I believe one mistake. None the less I cannot get the LAN interface to come up. I have read and read through this forum and another looking for answers.

    Anyone willing to assist me in getting this going ?


  • As I understand it, you can remote access the promox system on its public IP. Thene there is a private cable from Promox NIC#2 to pfSense LAN. If you configure Promox NIC#2 to DHCP then it should get an address from pfSense LAN, somewhere in network. Or set a static IP on Promox NIC#2 to an address in - e.g.
    Then from Promox you should be able to ping as browse there to the webGUI. If you haven't done anything tricky with rules on pfSense yet then pfSense LAN should have the anitlock and pass all rules on LAN which let you do anything.

    Once you get access to the pfSense webGUI, then you can setup the DHCP and give Promox a static DHCP IP (or fix it static itself on Promox) and use pfSense LAN IP as the default gateway. Then port forward what you want from pfSense WAN to the Promox LAN IP…

  • Yes you understand this well.

    I ended up re imaging with pfsense 2.1 which was able to find the second nic on pfsense box. Which I assigned to LAN as

    The pfsense box can ping externally and the proxmox box. From shell. As the LAN mic on proxmox automatically picked up pfsense LAN and assigned it properly.

    Right now i believe the issue is with the bridge I set up for the LAN to LAN or private connection from pfsense to proxmox.

    It's set up as vmbr2 assigned port to port eth1 (the second nic on pfsense to LAN on proxmox) I would have connected this WAN =  eth0 for my own obvious reasons but I am at the mercy of the datacenter)

    Which I believe the problem is in the gateway of the WAN =eth1 - proxmox-vmbr2 to VM , as no VM can get a connection in any sense on vmbr2

  • It appears as you cannot have two nics even with two different gateways on pfsense.

    If this is so since the system has the notion no matter how many network cards are involved , there can be only one gateway, how would we go about accomplishing this.


  • I should have said this issue exists on proxmox. (edit time passed)

    I understand one default gateway, at the same time , why not a default gateway each network card.

  • At this point I can ping pfsense or '' from a VM , but cannot access the UI to complete the configuration.

    Suggestions ?


  • Come to find out after I released the supplied KVM, that night 'something' happened and the system was down.
    The wonderful times when you know you have things setup correctly and cannot connect, but no way to connect top the machine in question to find it's down.

    The issue with raid cards continues on and I should have known better.

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