Bridged WAN to OPT1 - no route found to gateway although advertised

  • Hi,

    I have an existing pfSense implementation from an ISP I am trying to replicate with another ISP and pfSense implementation. All networks are unique between both implementations. I have control of one modem, but not the other, but the provider states it is bridged. If I plug in a cable directly to the modem, I can route with any assigned IP. When I try to use an IP on the OPT1 interface, it fails to route. I see a broadcast for the gateway from the Opt1 interface trace and from the WAN interface. When the Opt1 interface sends packets to the ISP gateway, I never see a response. I never see these requests in the WAN interface trace, but this may be due to the ARP filter? Just wondering if anyone may point me in a direction to isolate this issue, tired of paying for 2 ISP's. The ISP tech states he never sees my queries from the client IP.


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