Howto setup pfSense to use 2 ports for same LAN interface

  • Hi,

    currently i have a very simple setup:
    Network port vr2 = WAN Interface (-> cable modem)
    Network port vr1 = LAN Interface (-> switch -> network devices)

    Now, i'd like to use the 3th network port, vr0, to connect another switch to also use the same LAN interface, the one vr1 is connected to as well.

    My question is, how do i configure this?

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    why not just connect to the switch?

    But lets say your switch ports are full - then just create a bridge and put both your lan interfaces in the bridge.

  • Thanks for your reply,

    ok so i've created a brdige, with all options at default, like this:

    However, the device connected to LAN2 doesn't get an IP address, so DHCP doesn't seem to be getting through. Is there anything else i'm supposed to configure?
    (if i connect the same device to the LAN1 port, it does get an IP)

    why not just connect to the switch?

    yea, connecting to the switch is not an option, because the cable goes underneath the floor and to a switch in another room.. and i don't have an extra switch at the moment.

  • Ok, it's working now. I'm not sure yet whether it was

    Firewall ->Rules -> Lan 2 -> Allow All rule


    Firewall -> Nat -> Outbound -> Manual -> Automatic

    will test this later, but at least it works for now. Thank you for your assistance! :-)

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    What filtering rules did you setup for your bridge?

    Here is a long thread on doing exactly what your wanting to do
    Topic: Bridge LAN ports to act like a switch  (Read 8473 times)

  • Thanks, I set it up like this:

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