Duplicate Name Exists on Network

  • I have setup Pfsense as DHCP server in my network, a DNS server is running on my Domain Controller. Since i configured Pfsense as DHCP server i am receiving an Error on all machines "A duplicate name exists on network" … I have also configured it as MULTIWAN FAILOVER....ONE WAN IS ON TIER 1 other is on TIER 2... TRIGGER LEVEL is set to MEMBER DOWN... when i unplug cable from a WAN interface problem disappears..... any suggestions plz .... ??

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Well for starters on your dhcp server - Here is the thing if your on AD, then your AD really should provide both dhcp and dns.. Just the best solution.

    As to your configuration of multiwan - yeah prob something wrong with it.. Draw up your network and post your configurations and we can take a  look see.  But without some more details there isn't much anyone can do.

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