How to use FQDN with iPhone on Wifi?

  • I would like to be able to type a FQDN into my iPhone browser when using my home wifi to access my server. My Windows 7 laptop works just fine when I type the server FQDN into the browser; the iPhone however does not (I must type in the IP address).

    Does anyone know where I should start?

    My setup:
    Modem -> pfSense -> Switch -> Linksys E3000 Tomatoes Router (DCHP turned off)

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    What server?  pfsense, some other server - what did you setup in dns overrides, what is your phone using for dns?

    So example my domain setup in pfsense is local.lan - my pfsense is called pfsense.local.lan, my unbuntu box is ubuntu.local.lan - yeah really fancy and creative ;)

    anyhoo pfsense provides my dns for my local network..  I have those records created in pfsense dns forwarder over rides. So if I query pfsense for those A records I get their IPs

  • It is an unRAID data server, but if I type "psfense" into my browser from the laptop it connects but not the iPhone.

    I have not set any dns overrides, under Services: DNS forwarder, all values are default. Are there certain check boxes I should select or do I just add my server name and it's static ip address in the override section?

    Also, If I connect to my VPN server can it be set to recognize FQDN's as well?

    How do I check what my phone is using for dns? EDIT: I figured out how to check this on the iPhone but I will have to wait until I arrive home to seee.

    Thanks for your help.

  • Alright I might have solved this.

    under DNS forwarder I checked, DHCP Registration and Static DHCP. Then under Domain Overrides, I added Domain:servername.home , IP address of server and source ip for vpn. Then I changed my openvpn server config and made sure I gave it a DNS defualt domain (pfsense.home) and DNS server

    That fixes the openvpn issue when connected from away from home. I will have to see if the iphone works when it is connected at home wifi only but I am hoping it should since it now works with the vpn.

  • It's working with the wifi. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

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