Lync 2013 Client connection to corporate servers

  • Hi,

    i have PFSense running at home. At work we use Lync 2013 clients on Lync 2013 server.

    if i connect at the office, or via my 3G connection, i connect to the Lync server, and can work.

    however, when i connect at home, via PFSense, i cannot connect. if i bypass PFSense, and plug directly into the ADSL router, i can connect.

    my 2013 Lync client says "Please wait while signing in" and it stays there for hours.

    please point me to some documentation that i can make sense of to config my PFSense home firewall to allow the connections?

    this noob thanks you  ;D



  • I would check your firewall logs shortly after trying to connect.  Likely the specific ports being used by Lync 2013 are being blocked on the firewall level.

    Looking though that, looks like it would be 43 or 5061, or possibly both.

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