Squid 2.x + Dansguardian never ending webpage

  • Hi there !

    After HW crash of my proxy server (ubuntu + squidguard), I builded a vmware server hosting pfsense 2.1, with squid 2.7 + Dansguardian + SARG + ntop.

    I created Pass All rules through FW on each interface (because I have an other FW between LAN and WAN).

    Server seems to be working, because most of time I can access to webpage with proxy parameters inside my browser, with a bit of lag but acceptable.

    But randomly (between 2 and 15 minutes ?), I have a lot of issues, with never ending browser trying to load the pages. I don't have timeout or 404, just browser waiting something…. It looks like a kind of freeze, after some minutes I catch all my pages at the same time...

    We're around 600 computers.
    I tryed to increase number of dansguardian deamons (80/1200 children, 40/320 spare children, 100 prefork children, max age of 10000). It seems to be a bit better, but I'm afraid it's a kind of psychological feeling, and the problem is still here.

    Please help me :p

  • Did you enabled soft updates on pfsense install.

    without it you may have slow disk performance for cache.

  • is there a tweak to check it ?

  • @grinderfurax:

    is there a tweak to check it ?

    It's during install.

    Or you can try this by you own risk

    1. Boot server with FreeBSD or pfSense livecd
    2. enable soft-updates using 'tunefs -n enable /dev/xxxx'
    3. run fsck on / partition
    4. reboot and check what you get with cmd mount on console/ssh

    -> /dev/ad0s1a on / (ufs, local, soft-updates)

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