1.2RC3 upgrade problems

  • Hello everyone,

    I had a running version 1.2 RC2 installation of PFSense on this machine, using a normal IDE drive. I installed to the drive using the live/install CD. Today morning, I upgraded the box to RC3 through the console (I heard that this was the recommended method). When it finished downloading and installing the image, it rebooted the box.

    It didn't come back. I hooked up a KVM to the machine and I'm seeing the following message:
    Trying to mount root from cd9660:/dev/iso9660/pfSense
    And then it's asking me to specify a path. I tried ufs:da0s1a and countless other hard drive combinations without success.

    Why is it searching for the CD? Bug with RC3? How can I get it back? I'm annoyed by this crappy Microsoft router that I'm using as temporary replacement.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Bloody hell. I just realized that I didn't download the right update.
    Great. Time for a full reinstall.

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