Dual WAN sometimes not working

  • Hi
    I have just set up a dual WAN, single LAN pfSense server.
    It was working fine with both WAN connections being fully utilised when running speed tests etc..

    However the 2nd WAN is sometimes not used when browsing or conduction speed tests.

    Has anyone had this before or knows what I can do to fix this.
    Any help is appreciated

  • I guess you already have a gateway group with both WAN gateways in it and on the same Tier(1). Then a rule on LAN that passes traffic into the gateway group.
    As each client state is established, it gets directed to 1 of the members of the gateway group, then that state/flow sticks to that member (WAN) only. The next state goes to another member…
    When you do a single speed test, that state/flow will only go through 1 member of the gateway group (unless the test does some multi-threaded thing...). And it will appear random as you start more tests in parallel - depends what other little things are starting up on your network. So the load balancing effect is a rough average only across lots of workload.
    If it really never uses 2nd WAN any more, then the system must think that WAN2 gateway is down - check that it is responding to ping...

  • yes that makes more sense now

    the speed tests indicate that both connections are being used
    however file downloads only max out one connection
    i assume this is because the file server can't have two connection from two different IPs & gateways to download one file

    thanks for your help

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