NRPE Monitoring CARP Status?

  • I've been looking around on the forum (& on the web), but I've not really seen any pertinent information on the subject of monitoring the CARP status via NRPE…

    Yesterday, I had an issue with my CARP setup, where the master node for some reason lost connectivity, and the slave picked up where the master left off (I first noticed when logging into the web GUI on the VIP LAN, the slave name showed up on the upper right), but the weird thing was that even though I was unable to connect to web interface on the nonVIP LAN address of the LAN for the master node, Nagios was still reporting it up, giving me an HTTP 200 OK, despite that everything was not fine.  So it seemed to me that the best way to monitor what's going on, is to get the CARP status, and alert me that way.

    Anyone have any experience with monitoring CARP?

  • I believe I ended up finding a solution.  I found a third-party bash script called check_carp_if that checks output of ifconfig to see if the VIPs are set as master or backup.  I added it to the /usr/pbi/nrpe-i386/libexec/nagios folder, made a couple of modifications to it to fix some broken paths, and voila, I now have an nrpe check that tells me for each box whether the VIPs are master/slave.

    I would have liked for this to be a module that was already built-in to the NRPE package so that I could minimize what needs to be done if I have to restore from backups to a new pfsense box, but c'est la vie.

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