A connected question about huawei switch and h3c router

  • Dear All:
    I have a connected question about huawei switch and h3c router.This is the case:I just bought 2 units Huawei switch S3700-28TP-EI-24S-AC, and my broader router is H3C MSR50-40. Huawei s3700 switch uplink to MSR50.My config is just like this:
    huawei s3700:trunk,vlan 10: ,static route:
    h3c msr50 g0/0:port link-mode route,
    Question:I cannot access Who can help me? If h3c and huawei cannot interconnect with each other?

  • I can't really answer your question. But why are those addresses 192.169?
    That is public address space - shows as being in Kansas, USA.
    I'm sure you mean to use 192.168.n.n - so maybe you have some entries in your configs with 192.168 and some with typo 192.169?

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