Dynamic DNS clients

  • I want to know how do auto check and fix update when DynDns has no normal update?

    sometimes DynDns client has no auto update ip.


  • If your WAN does not directly have the public IP, and so pfSense does not always realise if the public IP has changed, then the cron job that does a daily check will need to run more often. Install the cron package, then edit the "/etc/rc.dyndns.update" job to run more often. I have ISPs that like to reassign IPs multiple times a day, so I schedule this for every 5 minutes. That way a new public IP address is re-learnt after just 5 minutes or so and my OpenVPN links can find their end-points again.

  • my WAN has directly public IP. about one day change once IP.  PFsense sometime can't normal update.

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