2.1 Gateway Monitoring Apinger Issues

  • Hi everyone,

    My boss just upgraded the first of our many PFSense boxed from 2.0.3 to 2.1 using the Dashboard update option.  The upgrade went fine except for the fact that the Gateway status doesn't work.  On our "Status:Gateway" screen with apinger service on, the "Name" is ok, the "Gateway IP" is ok, the "Monitor" is blank, the "RTT" is Pending, the "Loss" is Pending & the "Status" is Pending.

    If I disable the apinger service the display is correct but doesn't refresh itself.  It just sits displaying the numbers that came up right after I disable the service.  If I log out & back in it still displays the numbers that came up right after I disabled the service.  If I restart & disable the apinger service it updates the status numbers to the new date & time.

    This was all working fine on this computer under 2.0.3 so I'm assuming it's an issue with the 2.1 update.  Is there a fix for this?  We have over 20 gateways on this box & we need to be able to monitor them.


  • I have also been having this issue. restarting apinger solves it for a while then it goes to bad reporting again.

  • Update im am getting this on clean installs as well.

  • This is definitely an issue - experienced by many users:

    Dear developers, please fix this asap as it is such a core functionality in order for multi-WAN to work.

  • I agree.  2.1.x a disaster.  I have a couple of hundred of these, mostly on alix2D13 boxes and they are all still on 2.0.3 because of this problem.  It raises it's head after a period of time.  If you have openvpn's, apinger resets the connections as it does filter reloads.

    The alix2D13 runs 2.0.3 fine with plenty of VPN's as long as you don't overdrive the compression cpu limits.  Running 2.1.x max's out the cpu just by logging in.  Not good.

    I'm am running 2.1.3 at home where the impact is just annoying but I can do some long term testing and it's not reliable.  To call 2.1.3 release stable is a perverse perspective.

    Great idea with lot's of hard work put in by many and there are some pretty stable loads in the past.  I have no doubt it'll get straightened out eventually, but my opinion is 2.1.x shouldn't be in general release.

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