Initial configuration on single NIC nettop

  • Hi everybody. Recently I saw the nice internet gate, working on the single NIC nettop with pfSense + managed switch. It was so cool and I immediately wanted to try it and possibly use it at my office. First I wanted to try pfSense on VM network, and I had created two VMs - pfSense and WinXP. Both VM's placed in the same virtual network and available to each other by ping only if I config WAN without VLANs.
    If I try to config pfSense with creating VLANs first, I have no connection to it at all. Not by http, not by ping
    If I don't create VLANs at the very beginning, I have web access to pfSense after assigning IP for the WAN interface. But after creating the new VLan for LAN interface, I lose the web-access even before I assign IP for LAN interface.
    How to configure pfSense for working with single NIC? I can't find any articles or topics with single NIC configuration…

    OOPS... Sorry, I fond [Howto] PfSense 2 as Proxy using 1 interface   8)

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