Bandwidthd using 100% CPU

  • Am having a very similar issue as but I'm unable to add to that thread.

    I'm testing 2.1-RELEASE and the router has been needed rebooting regularly, I think due to bandwidthd.  This is a clean install and I did not specifically install bandwidthd, but it shows up using 100% CPU3, until I kill the process.

    If I reboot, bandwidthd is back using 99% of one of my CPUs.

    The Services menu does not have a Bandwidthd entry.

    pkg_info shows:

    bsdinstaller-2.0.2013.0911 BSD Installer mega-package
    gettext-0.18.3 GNU gettext package
    libiconv-1.14_1 A character set conversion library

    The only packages that appear under Installed Packages are snort and squid, which I installed.

    How can I remove bandwidthd?  Is it needed for something or has it somehow been included as part of BSD Installer mega-package?

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