Squidguard Auto Blacklist Updating

  • hello
    i have read this topic http://forum.pfsense.org/index.php?topic=35479.0
    with a cron, Auto Blacklist Updating work fine but i must just click after automatic update on "save" or "apply" in "proxy filter squidguard : general settings" . If i don't , filter don't work.
    what is missing ?

  • I am using this cron job and this script every night and it is working.
    I tried this with a website which wasn't in the blacklist one day and the other day, after the update, I could not access the webpage anymore.

    Did you check the script has execute permissions?

    chmod +x /root/squidGuard_blacklist_update.sh

  • in /root

    -rwxr-xr-x  1 root  wheel  271 Dec 14 23:02 squidGuard_blacklist_update.sh

    in services , cron (for test : all 10 mn)
    */10  *  *  *  *  root  /root/squidGuard_blacklist_update.sh

    all files, db are update but i must after click on save or apply  . for test , i try with sexe.com which is blocked.  if i don't click on save or apply after cron update , filter (safesearch, blacklist) isn't working on this website and others .

    best regards

  • i installed pfsense and i tested to upgrade to v 2.1 with internal interface and now all is working perfectly with auto update. i installed  squid 2 with pfsense 2. With internal upgrade,  all the packages are again installed  (squid, squidguard).
    i precise that i tested v2.01 because squid 2 or 3 and squidguard don't work correctly when i installed directly pfsense v2.1 : squid 2 or 3 don't reload and same things with squidguard.

    can someone explain me why ?

  • Hi,

    if I am not completly wrong your cron job updates the blacklist every 10min. Don't know from whe you update but I am using www.shallalist.de and they only update once a day. And they explicitly note that it makes no ense to update more than once a day.

    Because of your packages:
    I do not have any problems with squid2 and squidguard on pfsense 2.1. But the handling of packages between 2.0.x and 2.1 changed. But in general this should not make problems after upgrading.

    If you are using pfsense 2.1 and updated and you have problems with some packages then just uninstall the packages ond reinstall them. Your config will be still there.

    If I am again not completely wrong there should be two packages:

    Chose the correct one depending on your squid version. I tried with squid2 and squidguard2

    Good luck!

  • "if I am not completly wrong your cron job updates the blacklist every 10min" : i know, it was just for test with update blacklist.
    First time, when i installed pfsense 2.1 , i choose squid3 et squidguard for squid3 but i had many problemes (impossible reload of squid or squidguard for example). I installed and uninstalled them , reinstalled but i always had problems with them. This the reason i chose v2.02 and upgrade v2.1.

    I don't understand why squidGuard_blacklist_update.sh don't work completely with my version 2.02 and work with 2.1 without I do anything more

    best regards

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