Dual WAN Port Forwarding Not Working

  • Hi
    I have a dual WAN pfsense setup
    They both have different gateways

    I am trying to set up port forwarding for either or both (I don't mind).
    I have tried a few different rules but no luck

    I have a No-IP account with two free domains for both the WANs
    I would prefer to have port forwarding working on both but not essential.

    Could anyone help with this or provide assistance.
    Any help is greatly appreciated

  • Give more detail about what you have done so far and what you think works and does not.
    It should just work, if you have got your Dynamic DNS registering correctly so that your no-IP names translate to the current public IPs of each WAN interface:

    nsloookup mycompany-wan1.no-ip.com
    nsloookup mycompany-wan2.no-ip.com
    Make sure your names get to the WAN IPs of your pfSense.
    Make sure there are rules on WAN1 and WAN2 interfaces that allow incoming connects on the ports you want to forward (the port forwarding in pfSense lets you make those rules automatically).

  • The Dyanmic DNS is registered correctly just checked it.

    This is the NAT rule I have created and it is copied to the WAN 1 firewall rules.

    When I browse to the address nothing loads it just hangs.
    However if I browse to either WAN 1 or WAN 2 dynamic DNS address it shows the pfsense login page.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Ok quite often with dual wan..  Is you can have the IP your forwarding too, go out the wrong way..

    So you say have traffic come in wan1, and you forward to – but his answer goes out wan2.  The client that initiated the traffic normally says hey that is not the IP address I was wanting to talk too - I don't see that as an answer to my query and doesn't see the answer.

  • I just added the port forward rule on both WANs
    It still is not working

    Is there anything else it could be?

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Does not matter where the port forwarded is added, its the route the box your forwarded too takes in answer.

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