Externale address not resolved in internal LAN

  • Hi
    I have a problem with internal to external resolution in my pfSense 2.1

    [LAN]–[pfSense]–[WAN2 - CiscoRouter  with public IP]–-[Internet]
                +–[WAN 1 - Linksys]–-[Internet]

    Each connection has its own Gateway and i can ping and resolve names  from pfSense GUI to the ISP DNS (e.g WAN2 can ping/resolve ISP DNS and WAN 1 can ping/resolve OpenDNS DNS).

    BUT internal computers (MS2012 server, MS windows xp and 7 workstations) CANT resolve Symbolic Names
    e.g if i ping external IP (from internal PC of the LAN) it works ,
    but if i ping the same Host  in symbolic form (dns2.it.net) it cant resolve
    and cant ping the host. Obviously the  same problem exists for any DNS resolution (web etc.).
    So i cant navigate from internal hosts  :-[

    I want remark that the same network schema works perfectly with a pfSense 1.2.3
    with a configuration (done by the webgui) exactly the same (where possible).
    Any hints ?

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    So it look to me like you have a multiple wans both behind nats, and then pfsense nats again.  Why?  Do people setup crap like this??

    So you have a ms server?  Is it running active directory, are you machines part of this active directory?

    All members of AD should use their DNS of the AD for their dns - PERIOD, end of story if you are not setup this way then your going to have issues!!

    Your AD server then points to whatever dns you want to use.. Be it pfsense dns forwarder or external dns.

    Where do your clients point to for dns, where does ms2012 go for dns, it is setup to query roots or forwarder to pfsense - something else?

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