How to setup multiple LANs

  • I have 1 WAN and want 4 LANs.  In pfsense I want to have WAN (WAN), LAN (LAN), LAN2 (OPT1), LAN3 (OPT2), LAN4 (OPT3).  I currently have LAN2,LAN3,LAN4 bridged to LAN so they are able to get DHCP ip addresses but they are unable to reach the internet.

    If someone could send me a screenshot or tell me what I am missing it would be very helpful.


  • afaik right now a bridge can have only 2 interfaces.
    You could setup multiple subnets and a DHCP for each interface.
    Watch out that you create rules on every interface that allow traffic.

  • I guess then my question is how do I setup the DHCP on the seperate interfaces?
    How do I create rules on the interfaces to allow traffic?
    I am assuming that this would kill the Microsoft workgroup and I would have to do the \servername  but I am curious would this mess with my XBox's and XBox 360s for between lan gaming?

  • Okay.

    I have setup the dhcp on the LAN4 (OPT3) interface. I have given it the ip so subnet (under dhcp).
    I have setup the two rules for the NAT and firewall as seen in this screen shot.

    I am still unable to connect to the internet or ping  I am able to ping other PCs on the subnet.

  • The rules seem ok.
    What version are you using?
    If not 1.2RC3 upgrade to it. It is the most stable release so far.
    I think if i remember correctly the 1.0.1 or so had the problem that if you created a rule you had to restart the firewall for rules to take effect.

    Just curious: wouldnt it work to just use one Interface (the LAN) and put a switch in front of it?

  • I am using 1.2 RC3.

    I know a switch would be a lot easier but then I would not learn anything.

    Also I am thinking that having the 2 xbox on seperate lans would help but what do I know.  :-\

  • This has been solved.  I guess I just needed to reboot.

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