• I tried to search the forums but i couldn't find any post that adressed my problem.
    Short story.
    1. I have one computer acting router etc (with pfsense)
    2. then i have another one where i was setting up a webhotel (xampp) and installed wordpress.(192.xxx.x.x/wordpress Displays the website properly from any computer behind the pfsense-computer)

    3. I have registerd a dns@ no-ip. wich is directed to the server that contais the "webhotel" (whatevs.zapto.org)
    4. Ho can i redirect the traffic from that dns to the server… a normal redirect wont work, and when i try to redirect traffic from port 80 to that machine i only get "potential dns rebind"

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    This is a simple port forward.  If you want to access it from behind pfsense with the name your fqdn or public IP of pfsense then you have to use nat reflection.

  • Ty for answering =)
    Behind the pfsense i don't mind typing the ip-adress. i will look deeper into you're suggestion when i get home, i might also add that i forgot to change the port of the webgui xD, wich might have added to my failure =)

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    Or just use a host over ride so that your public dns name resolves to your local IP when your behind pfsense.

  • So, now the web-adress acutally works and it point me to the computer and website i want.. HOWEVER it is so slow.. so horrible slow.. and when page finally "complete" loading (5-7 mins later) you just get a message you need to install flash player greater than 10.x.x.. I just cheked from work.. this machine has 11.x.x . but when i acces the webpager/server from the inside of pfsense it works perfect.. any suggestions?

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    "but when i acces the webpager/server from the inside of pfsense it works perfect.. any suggestions?"

    So are you saying from outside it is slow, or when you use nat reflection it is slow?  But works fine from outside as well?

  • Horribly slow/aint worning from outside the pfsense…

    From inside/behind router... works perfect...

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