Disable laptop display (completely)

  • Hello everyone,

    I've got pfSense running on an old laptop, now I'm having this issue that the backlight of the display always stays on.
    I installed and enrollen green_saver successfully, no more text is being displayed on the screen, but that's the least of the power-eaters. Is there any way to switch off the backlight?

    Thanks in advance,

    P.S.: sorry if this is in the wrong section.

  • Netgate Administrator

    There was a thread about this previously. If I recall there were some additional modules required. Have a look through the forum if you haven't already.


    Edit: http://forum.pfsense.org/index.php/topic,56766.0.html

  • Hello Stephenw and thanks for your answer.

    After a while of playing around I seem to have found the issue, it now disables the backlight when the lid closes, SUCCES! :D
    I don't know which command actually did it, so I'll post them all:
    vidcontrol -t 1 < /dev/console
    vidcontrol -t 1 < /dev/ttyv0
    vidcontrol -s 1 < /dev/ttyv0

    So a combination of green_saver.ko module and one of the above commands helped me disable the backlight.

    Thanks for your support,

    Or not … I just pushed on the screen and the backlight disabled itself, so either the commands are working as intented or the switches are somewhat broken...
    I just put an heavy object on the screen and it's disabled, works anyway.

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