Sticky problems

  • Hi everyone!

    This is my first post on this forum after I moved my first steps into the pfSense world.

    Nowadays I have a virtual pfSense with 3 eth cards, 2 WANs and 1 LAN.
    I enabled the WAN balance by creating a gateway group and assigning Tier 1 to both WANs. Everything is fine and balance goes quite well, except for connections that require the same source IP address during the whole session (tipically https).

    I managed a workaround by using the sticky connections, but these are working on source and not on destination. This means that a client will get a WAN to surf the internet, and the association client-WAN will be active as long as the client has something open using the internet.

    I am searching for a "sticky connection by destination" or a "sticky connection by port" in order to be sure that the same protocol or the same destination will be reached using the same WAN during the whole session, but that another web page or another protocol will still use balancing method.

    Is that possible?


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    No, that's not possible. Sticky, as you've observed, maintains a client-to-gateway relationship and doesn't get any more fine-grained than that unfortunately.

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