Public IP outside network cannot be accessed

  • Hi everyone,

    Just wanna ask for help…..I have problem accessing servers with public IP outside our network. I already included on the rules to allow the local network to access the public ip of the server but it seems the pfsense is blocking it.

  • Is this an internal server you're attempting to allow access to? If so, you need to use NAT.
    Can you ping out to something like from the server? Then it can talk to the web and your LAN->WAN rules are correctly configured.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    The default rules for lan would be allow any any from lan net..  And pfsense by default would also do NAT from lan to WAN (internet)

    Did you modify the default rules?

    Can you post up your lan rules and we can see what might be the problem.

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