[Solved] Killed Lan side - unable to access pfsense web gui

  • I managed to kill the lan side (I'll explain what I did in a moment), but have lost all access to the Lan side ports that were configured… and not sure how to recover via the console.  I really hosed something this time it seems...

    In attempting to trouble shoot the issue, I went in the web gui to "Interfaces" and "Assign".  Opt1 I had renamed as lan 2, turned on dhcp as well (lan 1 is set to and also issuing dhcp.  I have been issues (as explained in this thread: http://forum.pfsense.org/index.php/topic,70471.0.html ) with the port, so decided to swap.

    In the assign screen, I changed the drop down for Lan to the port I was moving the lan to, and swapped it with the Lan2 device.... since then I haven't been able to touch it.  I was able to get the old port to issue a 192.168.2.xx address, but unable to hit the web gui.

    Is there any way to set this back, enable webgui on the 192.168.2.xx side of things?

    I am able to connect via the console, though bit rusty on my unix commands.... any tips here would be extremely helpful to be able to recover the lan side and regain access via the web gui.

  • Netgate Administrator

    If you never added any firewall rules on LAN2 then you will be blocked on that interface. You can temporarily disable the firewall from the console using:

    pfctl -d

    Connect to LAN2 and add appropriate rules then re-enable the firewall:

    pfctl -e


  • Wow, that was negative fun…. however this morning I watched it boot then saw the full pfsense menu come up via the console.

    Noticed the option to restore to a previous configuration - did that, and I am at least back to where I was.

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