Slow http requests on WAN

  • Hi,

    since installing our pfSense box and replacing our web server I seem to be getting very slow download speeds on our web server and I am trying to figure out if it's Apache or the pfSense box.
    Our web site has a section for downloads and when customers click on the links their download starts, currently a 380mb file is reporting 9 hours to download at the customer end.  I have tested this from various sources to make sure it wasn't a one off or related to the customer internet connection.

    We have a 100MB leased line so our line speed is not an issue so I have come to the conclusion that it's either the web server or pfSense.  The next step is to rule out, or apportion blame,  pfsense.  I have a NAT rule in place pointing all TCP traffic on port 80 from a specific virtual IP's to our web server.  The connection speed seems fine when browsing to the web site hosted there, but as soon as the download link is clicked it seems to have been limited in some way.  Where, on the pfSense box, can I check for this sort of behaviour?


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