Pfsense dualboot

  • Hey everyone,

    i´m new to pfsense so maybe the answer to my question is pretty simple.
    Im trying to set up a pfsense firewall using an older workstation with an CompactFlash Card (CF to IDE Adapter)

    After i tried out several versions the only one that worked properly was:

    Before i tried that one i used the following:

    wich didn´t boot at all.

    Now that i´m using the "VGA" version, pfsense boots fine..


    before it starts up it shows a boot selection menu:
    f1 pfsense
    f2 pfsense
    f6 PXE

    is the "…VGA" Version a dualboot version?

  • NanoBSD has two OS slices. When you upgrade to a newer release the slice you aren't using will be upgraded and then you'll reboot into that one.  There is a shared config between them.

  • Thank you very much!

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