Pfsense as client to cisco

  • Hi,

    I got all credentials to set up an IPsec connection to a cisco environment , and it works on macosx with the built in (cisco) vpn client.
    So ar so good, but now I want pfsense to create the VPN and terminate it, so that I can use more machines behind the pfsense to reach
    the network behind the VPN, and not needing the vpn client on the mac.

    Is there a tutorial for setting pfsense to be a client to the cisco network ?
    Or: any clues for settings !?


  • Just set up a site-to-site IPSec tunnel between the pfSense box and the Cisco router. There is lots of information on how to set up both. Getting them to inter-operate is as simple as using the same settings on both end.

  • unfortunately that is not possible. :-(

    I'm stuck with the cisco ipsec client way ….


  • Then I don't believe there is a way of doing it. Have you tried setting up the site-to-site on pfSense to connect to the Cisco client VPN? You would have to disable Xauth on the Cisco side if it's enabled. I've never tried it myself but I doubt it will work.

  • Is there an updated document for this?

    The below link is for version 1.2….

    Does anyone currently have ipsec working with the latest release between pfsense 2.1 and a Cisco ISR?

    If so, could someone post both configs if possible?

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