Site 1 (Draytek 2xWAN) - site 2 (Draytek 2xWAN) - main site (pfSense - 1xWAN)

  • Hello,

    Short explain of site setup;

    • site 1 -        Draytek 2960 with 2xWAN
    • site 2 -        Draytek 2960 with 2xWAN
    • main site -  psfSense with 1xWAN

    What is the best way to set up connection? And how. Now i can get on Ipscec tunnel working when i try to start the second one it gives a "subnet allready existis"

  • Ok updated info;

    site 1 - 1 WAN is connected to pfSense, when i try to make the second connection from site 1 this is in the LOG ; ERROR: can't start the quick mode, there is no ISAKMP-SA

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