Configuration Wizard - Setting up the WAN info - inside or outside interface?

  • I'm kind of confused here.  It is asking in the Gen Config section for the MAC address, MTU and MSS.  Now for what device is this?  My modem is a router/modem and it has 2 mac addresses a WAN and LAN address.  It also has a LAN and WAN IP address, the LAN is the address I use to access the device ( and the WAN is the outside address from the ISP.

    So am I correct that I would use the LAN address here for the WAN configuration in pfsense or does it really want the interface that is facing the outside traffic?

  • That whole screen is for the WAN settings. At the top it says "On this screen we will configure the Wide Area Network information".
    For 99.9% of installs MAC Address, MTU and MSS are left blank - you should leave them blank unless you have some really special reason to need a magic value.
    For now, if you are leaving your front-end router/modem in its modem+routing mode, then you can leave Selected Type as "DHCP". It will be given a private address and default gateway from the front-end device that is in "front-end LAN =  pfSense WAN" and use that to get out to the internet. It will be just as if the whole pfSense box, and the "pfSense LAN" behind it are 1 client on the front-end LAN. In this configuration the pfSense LAN will NAT onto front-end LAN, then front-end LAN is NATed out to the real internet.
    At a later stage you can put your modem/router into bridge mode (so it stops doing "router") and passes the real public IP through to pfSense WAN.

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