Pfsense 2.1 with single nic for proxy server

  • dear all

    I have problem to setup proxy with pfsense 2.1 single nic, here my specification :

    spec PC

    Dell optiplex 320
    pfsense 2.1
    ram 1GB
    HDD 80GB
    NIC 1. internal  for LAN = bfe0 /broadcom 100/1000


    (                        (                           
    internet–---------------NAT----------------------------------------switch core---------------------------------client room A & B
                                                                                                    pfsense (proxy/bandwidth management)

    please help me client PC can't using internet if I use proxy (, but can using internet if no proxy, so please help me how to setting my proxy server, client if want to use internet must use proxy.

    thx and regards

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