Silicom PEG4iL Quad port NIC with Intel 82571 driver not found?!

  • I have Silicom PEG4iL Quad port NIC with Intel 82571 chipset and would like to use it with latest pfsense 2.1.

    If I do dmesg, it shows that the the card itself will be found, but pfsense doesn't recognize
    the card as an Intel 82571 which is supported regarding the HCL.

    For sure, I also have added the


    to the /boot/loader.conf, but I guess if there is no driver for this card, it doesn't help.

    Would be great, if someone has a hint to solve it.



  • Netgate Administrator

    There is no need to load the em driver it's in the kernel already. The 82571 should be supported.
    Some of the silicom cards are not correctly initialized by the bios leaving only the pci bridge chip visible to pfSense.  Please post the output of:

    pciconf -lv


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